Addiction Therapy

Our counselors want you to know you are not alone. Most families struggle with addiction in some form, often leaving family members torn between wanting to help and not knowing where to start. Let one of our experienced, licensed therapists help in finding the best possible path to treatment and a better life.

Anyone living with a drug or alcohol addiction knows how powerful and crippling this disease can be. When a user accepts that they can’t manage their addiction on their addiction on their own it is time to seek the help of a professional addiction counselor.

What is Counseling?
Most counseling is done within the context of dyadic relationship between the counselor and the client. The first session, and sometimes the second session as well, will be spent exploring what brings you into counseling, who you are as a person, and how your counselor can best support you as you begin this process. Usually, it is most helpful for you to come prepared with something you would like to explore or process during your session. Sometimes it is hard to know what you want to talk about during your session, and your counselor can help guide you if you get stuck or have difficulty getting started. Often, through individual therapy, clients are able to gain a greater awareness and understanding of themselves, their experiences, and how those experiences have impacted them. Clients are able to grieve and process when necessary, learn new skills for managing a range of challenging circumstances and situations, experience emotional release, access existing and new resources for coping, and create the impetus to begin acting and interacting in a new way with themselves and with others.

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